R L Davis Hays

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        Welcome to the Worlds of Jorthus



Three souls are tossed together by fate (and a couple of unscrupulous manipulators) to search out a mysterious gemstone on the drifting island kingdom of Daie.

Lylith Antinon follows a voiceless cry through channels of the Majiks as it leads her to the island, where her desire for the Dawnstone comes into conflict with a light-fingered thief named Keinigan.


The Dawnstone Tale – Translations from Jorthus: Book One. (reader's review by Dellanischoice.wordpress.com)

In a world where life is enhanced by magic, the magda rule select territories.

Lylith Antinon is the daughter of a magda, or magic user. A magda herself, she lives alone until a strong compulsion to venture into the unknown brings her out of her comfortable, though lonely, tower. Her innocence of the outside world makes her easy prey for one unscrupulous enough to take advantage.

Traveling alone isn’t safe, but on the road she meets the dark and mysterious fae lord, Dharromar. He swears to protect her, but does he have more insidious things in mind for the naïve human? His strange countenance and dark blade mark him as very different, even among the fae.

By chance, they encounter a young faerlin thief named Keinigan. On a mission of his own, he throws in his lot with Dharromar and Lylith because they all have the same objective in mind—find the Dawnstone.

Keinigan is a thief. He doesn’t profess to be anything but that. While one cannot call him honest, he isn’t exactly dishonest either. His feelings for Lylith are genuine and his distrust of Dharromar is based on more than his desire to woo the redheaded magda.

The Dawnstone is a legendary gem held on the Isle of Daie. Taking it is foolhardy and futile, but the three companions plan a daring escapade to steal the magical gem.

...R L Davis Hays has a beautifully descriptive narrative style. She truly creates pictures with her words, describing the characters and environment so that readers can easily see them in their imaginations.

The Dawnstone Tale – Translations from Jorthus: Book One is one of the best fantasies I’ve ever read. I found it ever more compelling and well-paced with a story that keeps the reader moving. When I got to the end of the story, I wanted to read the next book immediately to find out where the tale goes from here.

[It] is a marvelous, epic fantasy that leaves the reader begging for more. It starts out good and gets better as the story progresses. By the last ten pages, I was literally breathless. The ending is one of the greatest cliff hangers of any book I’ve ever read. 

I highly recommend it for anyone who loves fantasy or who enjoys a well told tale.

© Dellani Oakes 2011


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4 Star Rating Anonymous November 10, 2012

Your title is intriguing, and your writing is far and above some of the best I've seen among the previews in the gallery. Your dialogue is well done and realistic. I would be tempted to read more.

Anonymous July 03, 2011

Well written! Good imagination with excellent sense of place and atmosphere. Memorable characters - can't help but feel sorry for Keinigan even whilst shaking my head at his antics. ;-)

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Celestial events seem to orchestrate changes upon the face of Jorthus. An eclipse marks a series of strange occurrences that touch the lives of many and foretell of darker things to come.

The Majiks are drawing several hearts to the Great Caulderon where the powerful Magda Council is gathering.

It is time for Lylith Antinon to present herself formally as a sengheir of the Majiks, but others are brought for very different reasons.
[Beginning] about a year after The Dawnstone Tale ended, The Convergence follows the lives of Dharromar, Keinigan, and Lylith once more. (reader's review by Dellani Oakes)

Though cast apart at the end of The Dawnstone Tale, the three former companions' paths seem destined to cross once more. Subdued by her betrayal by Dharromar, Lylith returns to her secluded home. There, she begins magic lessons with her father's friend, Master Calbraum, a dwarf magda. 

She decides to present herself to the Magda Grand Council for acceptance in their ranks. 

As he travels home from Daie, Dharromar encounters beasts that even the Changeling learns to fear. Almost killed, he makes his way home to heal. Even as he's occupied with added dangers, his mind dwells on Lylith and the relationship he's lost. 

Locked in the king's dungeon on Daie, Keinigan discovers he has a new talent—he can see the future. Though this saves him from death, he'd far rather give the gift back. The young faerlin thief feels compelled to warn people of the things he sees, often making things worse. 

Though it answers many questions left dangling after The Dawnstone Tale, The Convergence poses many more of its own. The novel is fast paced and well laid out, making it easy for the reader to follow the divergent character lives. 

The Convergence introduces new friends—and complications—for the three former companions:  Rachel – a young woman transported from another world to Jorthus. Hamlin – a farmer who finds himself running from the law. Trevalin – a bold warrior who catches Lylith's eye. Ora Matsur – an elf unfortunate enough to cross Dharromar's path not once, but twice. 

R L Davis Hays has a real flair for descriptive passages. Her words set the scene beautifully, capturing the reader's imagination. Her characters come alive, hopping off the page to guide the reader through the story. I found myself drawn back into the world of Jorthus and look forward to my next adventure there. 

I highly recommend The Convergence to any reader who enjoys a well spun tale, especially those who love true fantasy at its best. 

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As the solstice passes, the Grand Magdas have new troubles to deal with on Jorthus. The planets seem out of control in their eternal dance around the sun, and the people are caught in the middle as nature is tossed into chaos.

The magda are expected to protect the land, but they must find the cause before they can find the cure!

The Excursion – Book three of R l Davis Hays' 'Translations of Jorthus' series is even more exciting than the first two – which I totally loved. Well, I fell in love with this one too. (reader's review by Dellani Oakes)

Picking up where Book Two, The Convergence, left off, Hays follows her wonderful characters through this fast paced fantasy.

In the seeming safety of Calder, in the heart of a volcano caldera, Lylith and Keinigan once more find themselves facing great danger. This time, they have some new friends:  Trevalin – an honorable knight with an intricately crafted silver hand, fights by their side.

Rachel – a girl from another world, has somehow traveled to Jorthus.

Hamlin – a simple peasant has found his way to Calder, running away from his home after committing a crime.

The only one missing from their number is Dharromar, Lylith’s former lover and mysterious, dark assassin.

As the planet Quorrelles draws near, life on Jorthus is threatened. Nightmare creatures of unknown origin have overrun much of the country, slaughtering all in their path. It is up to the companions to fight these creatures and find a way to open a portal to distant and dangerous Quorrelles in the hope of finding a way to save Jorthus from disaster.

Hays has woven a wonderful tale, rich with beautiful imagery, creating a fantasy tapestry for the reader. Her characters are wonderfully well rounded and endear themselves to the reader. One can even find sympathy for the dark and chaotic Dharromar. Although he's the baddest of the bad boys, there's something about him that makes us cheer his successes. I must say, my favorite character is Keinigan, the faerlin thief. He's come a long way from the wayward pickpocket of book one, The Dawnstone Tale. Though he's grown a lot, he has more to go.

I highly recommend all three of R L Davis Hays' books: The Dawnstone Tale, The Convergence, and The Excursion. I can't wait for the next book, so I can once more travel in the world of Jorthus.


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[email protected] October 17, 2016

(Does this seem like a book you would like to read?)
I would love to read this book! Where can it be bought?

AnonymousOctober 17, 2016

(Does this seem like a book you would like to read?)
Yes, I would like to see more.

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A war begins. A war that encompasses the globe, and it seems none can stop it. 

The Ancient Enemy has mysteriously reached Jorthus, causing chaos and destruction. All the planet seems to be cracking apart and the depths of the Enemy's hate knows no bounds. 

Sacrificing more than she had bargined for, Lylith must collect the pieces of a devasting puzzle in order to save her world.



A novella set decades before Book One begins.

The lives of two young lovers grow increasingly more complicated as they try to keep their hearts true in passion that is forbidden.

(To be released at a later date.)



A collection of short stories from the world of Jorthus and her sister-worlds.

A work in progress. Coming soon. 

Worth Keeping:  A Short Story

A prequel to the Translations from Jorthus, WORTH KEEPING follows the passions of a young faerlin who works in the great Faerlin Libreas. His two loves, one for knowledge kept in the ancient texts and the other for a lovely young faerl maid, come into contrast to uproot his quiet life in The Wood.

Blood Seed 

The time is the late 1980's.  The place is an unremarkable town on the outskirts of a bustling north Florida metropolis.  The target:  a renegade vampire.  

A college student and her best friend unearth one massive mystery which propels them both into the goth/alt underbelly of a supernatural conspiracy.  

the undead mingle with the living, but have their sights set higher.  One slip within the medical community sets the vampiric blood seed loose upon a vain and greedy human populace. 

the wealthy and the famous find that they can halt time in its tracks with this miraculous cellular discovery.  the only cost is their soul.